iQ Analytics is a SaaS Business Intelligence platform for Registries.
Made to improve insight and growth.

Based on a Need

iQ Analytics was created because we realized the need for good business intelligence in order to properly manage and grow a name space. To run a good business you need to know the heartbeat of your registry.

Developed With Passion

We have put a lot of time and effort into making iQ Analytics both fun and easy to use. We believe that the combination of design, functionality and usability is key to understanding your registry operations.

Shared With Enthusiasm

These are intense times in the domain name industry and it is more important than ever for registries to be able to track, take action and have efficient tools to manage its TLD(s). We are happy to be able to share iQ Analytics with our industry.

iQ Analytics Platform Overview

The iQ Analytics Platform automatically collects data from multiple sources to analyze and combine the information in unique ways to provide rich and detailed reports and insight. The iQ Analytics API enables the Registry to offer enhanced features on their websites, portals and dynamic ads.

iQ Analytics Core Modules

Where the magic happens

Transaction Analyzer

The transaction analyzer automatically retrieves, processes and translates the transaction logs from the Registry Backend provider into clear industry standard metrics.

Namespace Management

Premium Names are a valuable assets and should be treated as such. The Namespace Management Module enables the registry to build, manage and track lists of premium names from all of your distribution channels.

Registrar Management

Manage and track your registrars. Their on-boarding status, contact details, logo assets and connected information.

Campaign Tracker

iQ Analytics keeps and structures all data related to marketing campaigns and activities. Combining your marketing campaign information with transaction data gives valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and profitability.

Retail Price Logger

Keeping a history of retail prices used in the registrar channel over time creates a foundation that enables better price elasticity calculations. Will enrich domain search results when using the iQ Analytics API.

Featured Sites Management

Good quality use case examples can be logged and categorized for use in registrar communications and on registry websites.

Domain Valuation Engine

A powerful tool that automatically identifies and sets prices on premium names assets, using data from multiple sources to significantly lower the need for manual pricing.

WebCrawler Probes

Visits all domains in the zone and 1.) Takes a screenshot 2.) Makes a copy of the the website content. 3.) Categorizes the website using machine learning.

WHOIS Probes

Monitors and archives WHOIS information enabling the Registry to look up not only WHOIS but also WHOWAS.

DNS Probes

Probes the Registrants Name Servers for DNS details and stores the information. Useful for renewal prediction and registrar reseller identification.

Metadata Probes

Looks up valuable meta data on registrants like social profiles and for domains like Google Search Results, Keyword Cost Per Click and more.

Abuse Manager

Detects and notifies about Spam, Pharming, Phishing, Malware, botnet activity in the zone in compliance with RRA Specification 11.3 B Read more

iQ Analytics Dashboard

The iQ Analytics Dashboard provides and overview of Key Registry Metrics and provides access for users to view all available reports. iQ Analytics is made to be flexible and customizable, hence all reports and views can be tailored to the specific registry needs.

Below you will see examples of a few of the reports that are available.

Transaction Reports

Get smarter every day

The daily, weekly and monthly reports allows you to understand what is happening in your Registry from day to day.

The data rich reports includes transactions categorized and summarized based on transaction type and by Registrar. Registrar Performance can be compared to previous periods and Registrars running marketing campaigns are highlighted.

The Daily Report includes a detailed list of all transactions by domain name for that given day. The registrants location are also visualized on a world map.

Campaign Reports

Know the results of your activities

Running campaigns and doing marketing activities are a vital contributor in growing a TLD. The Campaign Reports removes the guesswork from how your campaigns are performing.

The campaign reports automatically calculates your campaign's performance by Registrar during and after your campaign has ended.

The reports calculates the actual renewal rate where that can be determined and uses estimated renewal rates for the remaining periods.

Domain Reports

Lifetime Story

The domain report automatically retrieves a fresh website screenshot and presents you with all details regarding the domain, such as website screenshots, WHOIS details, Premium Names status and all historical transactions related to the domain.

The domain reports are useful when providing registrar or end user support. You can immediately see the full story and be able to solve issues faster.

Renewal rate Reports

Know the trends

Accurate renewal rate calculations are complex and time consuming to perform manually. With iQ Analytics, Renewal Rates are automatically calculated.

iQ Analytics uses average weighted numbers and thus provides a more valuable key performance indicator and trend analysis.

iQ Analytics Sales and Marketing Tools

iQ Analytics comes with an API that allows for easy integration to the registries main website, campaign landing page or other portals. This enables the registry to better sell and promote its TLD.

.GLOBAL Domain Registry is a iQ Analytics customer and below are some examples on how they are using the API.

Domain Search

Registries are by ICANN regulations obligated to provide a searchable whois. Why don’t turn that into a sales opportunity? (1)

The iQ Analytics API could be queried to give status about a domain name. If it’s already registered, a premium name, ICANN reserved etc.

The API can provide a list of the most recently registered domains (2)

Click here to try it out

Search Available

The API can dynamically list registrars with their logo that are accredited for the TLD. It knows which Registrars are currently running campaigns (1). It knows the current retail price (2) etc.

Domain search can then be fully dynamic without the need to make any changes to websites when onboarding new registrars, when they are running campaigns, or when new domains are added to the premium names list etc.

The API also provides a link allowing the domain that has been searched for to be injected into the registrars domain search form. This provides the end user with a much more intuitive and pleasant sales experience.

Click here to try it out

Enhanced Search Features

Rather than showing a boring “Sorry domain is taken”-screen the API allows you to present a list of relevant similar available names (1).

The API can provide a screenshot of the domain’s website(2), and the end user can immediately tell if the domain is developed and by who.

The API can provide the registrant contact details(3) and their location on a map(4)

The API can also provide domain status details(5)

Click here to see an example


When creating dynamic and useful portals for registrars, registrar resellers and domain investors, the iQ Analytics API provides a large set of functions and data.

Registry´s can make good use of the big data gathered in iQ Analytics to provide features and services that improves sales and information to their sales channel and end users.

Check it out the Domainer Portal

Check it out the Registrar Reseller Portal

Other Examples - a Case Study

The intelligence gathered by iQ Analytics can be used in many more ways. It’s built to answer any question a Registry Operator might have about their zone.

For example .GLOBAL wanted for their 3rd year anniversary to produce a video showcasing their end-users and an infographics to summarize the status of the registry after three years.

Finding high quality end-user videos amongst tens of thousands of domains is impossible to do manually.

Using iQ Analytics data we were able to search the content on websites of .global domains that have been categorized as developed. This resulted in being able to provide the .GLOBAL Registry with an extensive list of high quality videos.

Below you can see how that video turned out:

For the infographics .GLOBAL need historical domains under management (DUM) numbers, renewal rates, average retail prices, leading brand examples, developed domain stats and more. In addition they requested a “heat map" showing where in the world their registrants were located.

The majority of these statistics and assets were produced using iQ Analytics as a data source.

Click here to see the Infographics that was produced